Return to an era of elegant hospitality.

Welcome to the Lincklaen house, an historical landmark since 1835. For more than 180 years, the Oldest Grand Hotel in Central New York has provided a comfortable atmosphere, and extended gracious hospitality to all its visitors.

In 1790, John Lincklaen, an employee of the Holland Land Company, planned a village on the shores of Owagena lake, and named it Cazenovia. The Lincklaen house was built in 1835, and opened its doors in 1836.

In the early 1800s, all travel in the area was by horse and carriage. The white signpost which stands in front of the hotel today served as a hitching post for the stage coach teams that made regularly scheduled stops. Since its earliest days, visitors from all over the United States and abroad have been welcomed to the Lincklaen House. Former President and Mrs. Grover Cleveland—as well as John D. Rockefeller—were among its guests.

After a disastrous fire in 1916, Henry Burden remodeled the hotel using finely carved woodwork and moldings, still visible today among the high ceilings and painted wood panels. Each of the 23 guest rooms is unique, and retains its 19th century charm. The locally made brick, fine chimneys, and broad front steps are wonderful representations of a storied past.

Operating as a Treadway Inn for nearly a decade, the Lincklaen House was purchased in 1956 by Edward and Helen Tobin. The Tobins added modern amenities and ran the Lincklaen House until 1997, when it was purchased by the current owners, Dan Kuper and Charles Morgan. Their partnership was formed in the interest of revitalizing this stunning landmark hotel for visitors and local residents alike.

We extend a warm invitation for you to be pampered, and enjoy fine dining and lodging in the old world elegance of Lincklaen House.

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